Brinlays' new Stain Sealer a HUGE SUCCESS !!
Brinlays' New "Stain-Cover",multi-purpose stain sealer,will seal most stains,including smoke,tanin,ink,lipstick,crayon,rust and nicotine!!
It is an oil based sealer which is touch dry in only 30MINUTES and can be recoated in just ONE HOUR!
If that wasn't enough it also dries to a smooth flat finish.
Trade painters who previously were forced, through lack of successful alternatives,to use an imported product from the USA,have now begun switching over to Brinlay's "Stain-Cover" after trying it only once!
Word is spreading fast,Trade Painters are doing the marketing job for us, talking to their fellow painters and customers alike.
Its also a win for Australia,a local Sydney manufacturer once again reversing the flow of an overseas import!
The best news of all is that Painters are now asking Brinlay what other high perfomance products they have up their sleeve!
Come on down to your local Brinlay outlet and find out for yourself !!
4 Jul 2011 - 14:02 by Ross XNews | comments (2)
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